My clothes care

Clothing care | Comforter clips | No more pilling | Lint rollers

Take care of your clothes! Nothing better to keep his dressing impeccable as long as possible to maintain the daily. For this, fast use products to refresh and bring a second life to your clothes with ease!

My DIY creation space

Ribbons & Embroidery floss | Pre-cut fabric | Kits for Kids

At home time! Products dedicated to do it yourself to meet the desires of creation and customization of the little ones as adults.

My good deals

Thread assortment | Complete kit

Style Couture is also a product for beginners and beginners who want to equip themselves or want a cheap choice.

My lingerie accessories

Invisible | Clothing care | Comfort | Bra size measuring tape

Style Couture lingerie accessories will bring comfort, practicality or a touch of glamor to your bras.

My seamless accessories

Smart solutions | Clever fusible hems | Fabric glue | Iron-on patches | Labeling clothing | Self-adhesive and iron-on patches

Not always the time or the desire to sew ... Reassure yourself Couture Style has thought of the most hurried thanks to clever products with zero stitching!

My sewing machine accessories

Clothing care | Clever tools | Sewing machine needles | Bobbins

Dedicated to machine sewing, this range of products will satisfy all Style Couturier with products from the beginner level to the most expert!

My sewing tools

Zippers | Buttons | Thread | Essentials | Safety pins | Pins | Scissors | Hand sewing needles

The sewing box of each Style Couturier is unique and constantly feeding! Style Couture offers a multitude of tools to meet all your desires as well as the essentials of sewing: threads, buttons, closures ...

My supports

Bias tape, seam binding, and twill tape | Home decor | Elastic | Hook and loop

Style Couture supports allow to finalize or repair your works: self-gripping, elastic, bias, ... Our range offers a wide choice to adapt to all your desires.